Romafa - Rescuer of Meter Housings

         Never have to change your
         Meter Housing Roller Again!

South Country Is proud to announce we are now a dealer of Romafa Products!   

  • Highest quality stainless steel replacement parts for your equipment - whether John Deere, Flexicoil or Morris!
  • Compatible with John Deere 1900 & 1910 Carts
  • New JD SectionCommand compatible version available
  • Easiest cleanout in the Industry.  Easy installation - designed to retrofit older carts      
  • Durable long lasting stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maintains all the functions of the original meter housing
  • Self cleaning half width disconnects
  • Fully serviceable.
  • Full 2 year warranty on parts and dealer installed labour
JD Meter Housing 
Part #JAS0001A
JD Meter Housing Section
Part #JAS0006A
Double Arm Air Plenum
JD Part #AA48322
2.5"x5.5" SS Tube w/ 1" Angle Outlet
JD Part #AA54440
2.5"x5.5" SS Tube w/ 1" 
Straight Outlet

JD Part #AA57195 

1/2 Width Disconnect
Right & Left

L:JD #A60763 R:#A58881

Single Shoot Manifold
Bracket for 1900

JD Part #A62025
Collection Pan Mnt 3-7 Run
JD Part# A63068
Single Shoot Manifold
Bracket for 1910

JD Part #A69442
Meter Mount Plate 
Old 1900

JD Part #AA48073
Bottom Cover Plate
1910 Single/Double

JD Part #A69443
Double Shoot Man

JD Part #AA60889
Bracket Slide Stop L/H
JD Part #AA50030
Bracket Bag Tab
JD Part #A69543
Center Plate - 8 Run
JD Part #AA48753
Bottom Cover Plate
JD Part #A88237
Bracket Slide Stop R/H
JD Part #A64920
Secondary Tower 
JD Part #AA76331
Upper Meter Hsg Plate
JD Part #AA50064
Chute Weldment Bracket
JD Part #AA47638
Hyd Motor Mount Kit
Part #JAS0007W
Shut Off Cover
Center PlateStainless Steel Seed
Delivery Tubes
Conveyor Housing 
Lower & Upper

JD Part #AA54917 &
2 Port Coupling Kit
JD Part #A82371 & 
Part #JA0902W-

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How to: remove the rusted OEM parts from your John Deere
1910 Air Seeder / Cart,
and replace them with durable stainless
steel aftermarket parts

How to: - 1910 Stainless Steel Meter Housing Reassembly


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