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South Country Equipment's Crop Intelligence App - FAQ

What is the difference between Crop Intelligence and Field Connect?

  • Field Connectis Hardware from John Deere that measures soil moisture, rainfall, and it may also have other environmental sensors such as air temperature, humidity and leaf wetness.
  • Crop Intelligence - is South Country's app that interprets Field Connect Data and calculates Crop Available Water and Water Driven Yield Potential.

Where can I access Crop Intelligence data?

When will I be able to view my data in Crop Intelligence?

  • 7 days post weather station installation to see Crop Available Water calculations
  • 10 days post-installation to see Water Driven Yield Potential.


Crop Intelligence App - Navigation:

   South Country Crop Intelligence


- Login using your email address

- Data should show for every field that you have a Field Connect weather station for.

  • Available Water: Calculated value that estimates how much crop available water is in your soil.
  • Yield Potential: is a calculated value that is shown as a factor of your yield goal (i.e. yield goal +/-).
  • Acc 2018 Rain: total rain recorded by weather station from date of install until today.
  • 30 year Rain: Average rainfall for the same time period
  • % Avg Rainfall: compares current rain to 30 year average rain.





  • Navigate to the graphs to view season-long trends.
  • Clicking on a data point will show a box with each of the data values.
  • The yellow bars along the bottom represent 10 year average rainfall totals for that day.
  • The blue bars show this year's rain events.

Where do I access Field Connect data?

When will I be able to view my data in Field Connect?

  • It may take up to 10 days after the weather station installation for data to be viewable in the Field Connect platform.

 Field Connect App - Navigation

  • Current environmental data can be found on the app when you click the sun and cloud icon.
  • If you have a basic unit (with only rain and soil moisture) rainfall is the only data that will show in this view.

Soil moisture data can be found by clicking the graph icon.

  • Swipe left to see the different graphs.  Soil moisture by sum, soil moisture by sensor, daily moisture change and by sensor, growing degree days and rainfall.
  • 7, 14, or 30 day views
  • Graphs are best viewed by turning your phone to landscape view.


  Data Frequency:

  • Field Connect weather stations log data every 20 minutes and send to the data platform every 2 hours.
  • Crop Intelligence caches data from Field Connect approximately every 1.5 hours.
  • As a result, data in Crop Intelligence may be up to 3.5 hours delayed.

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