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South Country Equipment's Crop Intelligence App - FAQ

What is the difference between Crop Intelligence and Field Connect?

  • Field Connectis Hardware from John Deere that measures soil moisture, rainfall, and it may also have other environmental sensors such as air temperature, humidity and leaf wetness.
  • Crop Intelligence - is South Country's app that interprets Field Connect Data and calculates Crop Available Water and Water Driven Yield Potential.

Where can I access Crop Intelligence data?

When will I be able to view my data in Crop Intelligence?

  • 7 days post weather station installation to see Crop Available Water calculations
  • 10 days post-installation to see Water Driven Yield Potential.


Crop Intelligence App - Navigation:

   South Country Crop Intelligence


- Login using your email address

- Data should show for every field that you have a Field Connect weather station for.

  • Available Water: Calculated value that estimates how much crop available water is in your soil.
  • Yield Potential: is a calculated value that is shown as a factor of your yield goal (i.e. yield goal +/-).
  • Acc 2018 Rain: total rain recorded by weather station from date of install until today.
  • 30 year Rain: Average rainfall for the same time period
  • % Avg Rainfall: compares current rain to 30 year average rain.





  • Navigate to the graphs to view season-long trends.
  • Clicking on a data point will show a box with each of the data values.
  • The yellow bars along the bottom represent 10 year average rainfall totals for that day.
  • The blue bars show this year's rain events.

Where do I access Field Connect data?

When will I be able to view my data in Field Connect?

  • It may take up to 10 days after the weather station installation for data to be viewable in the Field Connect platform.


        Field Connect Site Placement           

Remote Sensing and GIS tools provide insights to enhance crop and land management decisions.

Crop Intelligence Field Connect weather station placement, applies Imagery analysis (NDVI) and the overlay of digital GIS data such as:

  • Canadian Digital Elevation Model (Natural Resources Canada)
  • Soil type and Slope Steepness layers (Canadian Soil Information Services)
  • Other mapping including EC and SWAT data.


                 Comparing multiple layers of information, a suitable unbiased location can be                                             identified for the Field Connect and soil moisture probe.

 Field Connect App - Navigation

  • Current environmental data can be found on the app when you click the sun and cloud icon.
  • If you have a basic unit (with only rain and soil moisture) rainfall is the only data that will show in this view.

Soil moisture data can be found by clicking the graph icon.

  • Swipe left to see the different graphs.  Soil moisture by sum, soil moisture by sensor, daily moisture change and by sensor, growing degree days and rainfall.
  • 7, 14, or 30 day views
  • Graphs are best viewed by turning your phone to landscape view.


  Data Frequency:

  • Field Connect weather stations log data every 20 minutes and send to the data platform every 2 hours.
  • Crop Intelligence caches data from Field Connect approximately every 1.5 hours.
  • As a result, data in Crop Intelligence may be up to 3.5 hours delayed.

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