Crop Intelligence

You can't manage what you don't measure

Know Your Numbers. Realize Your Potential.



Crop Intelligence is an app that collects and interprets soil moisture, to model Water Driven Yield Potential in dryland farming, using weather stations. South Country designed Crop Intellignece to interpret this data to better help farmers in making agronomic decisions, and optimize return on investment. 

The app interprets weather stations data by using crop available moisture, accumulative rainfall, and expected precipitation to model yield potential throughout the growing season. This allows farmers to make real time decisions on their farm with confidence. 

Own Your Data, Own Your Equipment

With Crop Intelligence, there are no per acre fees. You own your data and you decided who the data is shared with. Crop Intel allows their customers and supporting professionals to work towards precise informed decisions that contribute to increased profitability. 

Stay Informed with Real Time Data

Crop Intelligence provides actionable insights through the growing season. It's a decision support tool that gives customers and their agronomists the information needed ot make better decisions based on accurate data. 



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