X700 Signature Series Tractors

The ultimate riding lawn tractor


                                   When the Going Gets Tough - All the Power You Need!






   X730 - 25.5hp 2WD Less Deck      X734 - 25.5hp 4wd Less Deck           X738 -25.5hp 4WD Less Deck       X739 - 25.5hp 4WD 4WS Less Deck
                    $13,644                                           $14,997                                                 $15,782                                                $16.653

       X750 - 24hp, 2WD, Less Deck              X758 - 24hp, 4WD, Less Deck
                     $15,254                                                      $17,393 



Edge Extra High-Capacity Mower Decks for X700 Series Tractors


  Attachments to Add:

  + 54HC Auto Connect Mower Deck                 $2,586
  + 60HC Auto Connect Mower Deck                 $3,114
Rear Tiller Options Available for all X700 Series   

Pre- Delivery is included in above attachments


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