4 Family Compact Utility Tractors

Powerful King of the Compacts!

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The 4M and 4R Series Compact Tractors are loaded with premium, 
state of the art technology and class leading features you won't find anywhere else.


ModelHPPTO HPTransmission2wd/4wdCab or Open Station
4044M43.133.6Hydro 3F/3R or PowrReverser 12F/12R4wdOpen 
4052M51.541.2Hydro 3 rnage or PowrReverser 12F/12R4wdOpen
4066M65.957Hydro 3F/3R or PowrReverser 12F/12R4wdOpen
4044R43.133.60Hydro 3F/e% or PowrReverser 12F/12R4wdCab or Open
4052R51.541.2Hydro 3F/3R or PowrReverser 12F/12R4wdCab or Open
4066R65.957Hydro 3F/3R or PowrReverser 12F/12R4wdCab or Open


Find the implement you need whether snow removal, landscaping, loading, hauling. mowing and more.
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