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Spring Customer Clinics

Join us this March for our annual Spring Clinics. Same clinic, just from the comforts of your own home!

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Spray Clinic - Tuesday, March 23


An introduction to the 2021 Customer Spraying Clinic


General safety recommendations from a former custom spray operator

2630 Display

Overview of how to get spraying, using a 2630

Gen 4 Display

Overview of how to get spraying using Gen 4, and Gen 4 Command Drive


Everything ExactApply from the basics of PWM spraying to setting up Gen 4 for ExactApply


General seasonal maintenance

Solution Command Center

Solution Command Center functions

Application Technology

Future developments from Deere

Spray Clinic Live Q&A Recording

A recording of the live Q&A in case you missed it!

Seeding Clinic - Wednesday, March 24

Introduction + Drill and Tools

Intro, DRILL levelling 1870/1810/1830, opener inspection for wear

Set up in the display & seeding intentions

Gen 4 aircart setup and seeding tool configuration for 1870, Custom 1 SM, Custom 2 BGT 76' setting up for mid-row banders and meter selection for different products, setting section timing in display check


Calibration, from the cab and at the cart


Pre-season check, daily checks at the Air Cart, tuning rings on the meter discussion

Seeding Clinic Live Q&A

Precision Ag Update - Thursday, March 25


An introduction to today's content

Gen 4 – Part 1: Introduction & Overview

Looks at the introduction of the Gen 4 displays and performance improvements over legacy displays

Gen 4 – Part 2: Command Center vs Universal Displays

Differences between the Command Center and universal displays, subscription and activation add-on models

Gen 4 – Part 3: Add-on Functionality

Looks at the Premium 3.0 and Automation 4.0 add-on packages and what they offer

Operations Center - Overview

General overview of Setup File creation and Work Planner

Operations Center – Part 2

Analyze machine and agronomic data

Crop Intelligence

2020 review, what's new 2021, general outlook 2021

Starfire Receivers

ITC end of life, SF3000/SF6000 Mandatory Update and Accuracy options

ATC Offerings

ATC 250, ATC 300, ATU 300, Agra-GPS

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my access code?

Your access code will be in your confirmation email from when you first registered for the clinic.

My access code isn't working.

Please reach out to to get a new access code issued.

When will the content be available?

Content for each day will be live at 8am. 

How much does it cost to attend the clinic?

The clinic is free! But you do need to register in advance to obtain an access code. 

How will the live Q&A work?

There will be a live Q&A each day. You will need to register in advance using the Q&A registration on the inner content page for each day.

What is the 'join the conversation'?

We have a hashtag for this year's clinic! Join the conversation by using #SCESpringClinics all week!

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