S Series Combines ActiveYield

Retrofit Kit


ActiveYield provides continuous calibration of the mass flow sensor through load cells installed in the grain tank.
Load cells in the grain tank estimate the chanfe in weight of grain, as the grain tank fills.
The AYM controller software in the moisure sensor compares the grain tank load cell data to the Clean Grain Elevator mass flow sensor data and adjusts the Mass Flow sensor calibration curve to minimize error.




ActiveYield Load                                                                             Calculating the Weight of the Load
The system starts taking data when the                                The software will calculate the change in the weight
load cells indicate that grain is accumulating                         of the grain over time.
in the grain tank @900kg. (2000lb)                                        -Total force on 3 cells, at specified locations in the grain tank,
                                                                                            as the grain level increases.

ActiveYield stops accepting measurements                            - Consistent loading of the distance and height of the grain pile
when the load cell indicates the grain weight                           in the grain tank.
@3000kg (6600lb)                                                                - Calibration curves generated from loads taken during engineering
                                                                                             development testing at different moisture levels.

S6 Combines, Year MY12 - 15 (BXE10503)                                 S6 Combines, Year MY16 & Newer & 7 Series (BXE10797)
Update Sensor kit and Labour - $4,599.99                              Update Sensor kit and Labour - $3,799.99
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