Guide 4

Spraying & Application

The seed is in the ground and your crops begin to grow. Assisting those plants through the growing season is critical to ensure a healthy crop come harvest time.

The next step of our Precision Ag Guide is Spraying and Application.



Operations Center

Similar to seeding, ensuring the accuracy of field boundaries will be essential. You may have entered all your equipment during the Planning & Prepare stage, however now is a good time to double check that your equipment (sprayers) and implements (booms) are entered with accurate offsets.

As a farmer owner, it is impossible to be in multiple places or monitoring each piece of equipment. The application process is no exception when it comes to the Operations Center.  From your smart device you can continue to track the sprayer current and historical location. Depending on the MTG, it will update every 30 seconds with 3G, and every 6 seconds with 4G so you can track in real time!


Enable the best support though the Operations Center by having a connected machine; you will be able to track your sprayer and receive connected support from your dealer of any minor issues before they turn into a major problem. 




Setting Up a Tank Mix with Gen4 in Cab

To enable this feature, you will require a Gen4 Display, the most up to date 22-3 version.

Create accurate tank mixes with application rates in gallons per minute but chemical rates at litres per acre. 



Nozzles are an integral part of application and are often overlooked during maintenance. Nozzles should be replaced every 300 hours or 30,000 acres. Not changing nozzles can lead to improper droplet size, inaccurate rates, and compromised efficacy. 


If there are questions on what type of nozzle is needed for conventional or Exact Apply, reach out to your South Country team and we will get your set up wit the correct tips. 





Using pulse width modulation (PWM) ExactApply™ delivers consistent droplet sizes at a consistent pressure while giving flexibility with your speed. With 15 and 30 hertz pulsing you can have turn compensation and individual nozzle control giving you less overlap.

With turn compensation you are able to apply more product on the outside of a boom (reducing over application) and less on the inside of the boom, when turning to help with even distribution (reducing under/over application and crop damage). Instead of sections shutting off, each individual nozzle shuts off.

Maintenance Tips for ExactApply™ Nozzles:



 See and Spray Select


Using cameras to spot spray weeds on fallow ground. Green on brown solution/technology. It can see weeds that are 0.9cm in diameter by 1.5cm in height. Top application speed is 12mph. You are able to spray at night, help control weed resistance, get heat maps of where weed pressures are in your field.

Only available for 100 or 120 steel booms on model year 2022 and newer:

  • 408R, 410R, 412R, 612R, 616R

There are no reoccurring costs, you can purchase this technology outright.

*Requires Exact Apply system to enable. 

Pressure Recirculation & Product Reclaim

This feature is a Product Upgrade Kits (PUK). Give your sprayer the upgrade and watch crop damage and high inputs costs melt away!

This kit will allow producers to control the spray and the costs, while keeping the sprayer you already own. See savings on chemical, water, and time with this simple upgrade, while achieving a uniform solution. 

How it works:

Focus on the flow. The Pressure Recirculation pushes the product through a 3 way valve through the sprayer booms, which keeps the product from settling. This will deliver a more consistent product flow to every nozzle. Product Reclaim pushes air back through those lines, in turn pushing the product back into the tank saving time during the rinsing and boom prime processes. All of this can be done directly from the comfort of the cab. 


Ready to upgrade?

Talk to your South Country team to add Pressure Recirculation and Product Reclaim to you Exact Apply enabled sprayer.



PCT is an NDVI Satellite Imagery resource which creates imagery of plant growth throughout the growing season. The imagery layers show different densities of the crop which will determine if a chemical, fungicide, etc., should be applied in specific areas.

Farmers can create prescriptions from the NDVI imagery and send it directly to connected John Deere machines and the Operations Center. 


PCT is a great resource to acquire prior to seeding, track your crop's progress throughout the growing season and application stage, through to the growth completed by harvest time. 



Download the John Deere Operations Center straight to your smart device or utilize the desktop version.



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