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Seeding & Planting

After another long Saskatchewan winter, the time of year we all get excited for!

Let's get seeding!

Most of the work in the Operations Center should have been completed in the Planning & Prepare stage, making seeding set up and process smoother. Here are the items that should be completed at the beginning of the seeding season:

  • Machines should be connected.
  • Land will be labeld/named, boundaries set
  • Implements added and selected.
  • List of crop types, varieties, fertilizers and inoculants selected.


Work Planner

With the Work Plans you created during the Planning & Prepare stage, you can smoothly transition into seeding mode. First off, let’s review how to create a Setup file. 

Send the Work Plans wirelessly from your computer or mobile device, or even from your agronomist, to the connected John Deere equipment.

For seeding, the Work Plan will be sent to a specific tractor. When that specified tractor crosses into the field boundary, the Work Plan will automatically populate for the operator to review. The operator will need to select which product will be in each tank of the air seeder cart. Only after this can the Work Plan be accepted.



Turn Automation

Make the perfect turn. Every time. AutoTrac Turn Automation gives the operator a solution for accurate and repeatable headland turns on every single pass. It automatically carries out the turn, lifting and replacing the implement at the same time to create consistency and reduce operator error. 


The first photo shows a turn made with AutoTrac Turn Automation. The second photo shows a turn made manually by the operator. 

To utilize AutoTrac Turn Automation, you will require a tractor with a Gen4 Display and an Automation 4.0 Activation, or a Subscription for Gen4 Universal Display. Contact your South Country Ag Salesperson to learn how to equip your machine with AutoTrac Turn Automation.

*Currently only available for tow-behind Air Carts.


AutoTrac Implement Guidance

Maximize inputs with the help of AutoTrac Implement Guidance. Designed to ensure seed or fertilizer is placed in the ground as accurately as possible. AutoTrac Implement Guidance utilizes a second receiver on your implement, guiding the implement more precisely across slopes or curves in the field. This is also beneficial for seeding in between rows. 

To utilize AutoTrac Implement Guidance, you will require a tractor with a Gen4 Display and an Automation 4.0 Activation, or a Subscription for Gen4 Universal Display. The implement will require an implement mast and harnassing for the additional receiver.



P600 Precision Air Drills

Get the best crop potential when seeding into tall stubble and high crop residue. Explore the new lineup of P600 Precision Air Hoe Drills. Available in 60, 70, 80 or 90 foot implements with 10 or 12 inch spacing.

The P600 brings exceptional agronomic performance in any field or soil conditions. This air drill boasts features such as the RelativeFlow™ blockage sensors to ensure uniform distribution, and double knife design to place nutrients right where your crop needs it without compromising. The additional working width can equal up to five fewer passes in a quarter section than the P576. Learn more about the P600 Air Drill series by talking to your local South Country Ag Sales Consultant.


John Deere C-Series Air Cart

The C-Series Air Cart seeds smart, fills fast and get the jobs done quicker! The C650 Cart is available in tow-behind or tow-between options.  The C850 is a 200-bushel larger tow-behind option. Depending on the seed, you can fill all four tanks in as quickly as 20 minutes. 

Enjoy the durable display on the side of the cart, which will making calibrating and filling easier than ever. This screen replaces the mechanical  tank pressure gauge that was used on previous carts. 

This machine is equipped with technology such as RelativeFlow™ Blockage Sensors, ActiveCal™ and SectionCommand™ system which will allow you to seed with confidence knowing your Cart is seeding at the proper rate, at the proper time. 


Calibrating the C650 Air Cart

Calibrating your air seeder cart is essential to ensure your applied rate matches your desired rate. Take a look at the following video as South Country’s own Wayne Gall and Quaylan Wilson walk through the calibration of a John Deere Air Seeder Cart. 


When you match a John Deere R-Series tractor, P600 Air Drill, C-Series cart and the Operations Center, you are set up for maximum profitability and efficiency, and understanding your seeding data.



Download the John Deere Operations Center straight to your smart device or utilize the desktop version.



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