Guide 2

Planning & Preparation

Every large project begins with a blueprint. When it comes to the farming process, a blueprint is just as important and, in this case, it is our Precision Ag Guide. 


The following information is how you can begin to create that farming blueprint for the upcoming year.  Utilizing the John Deere Operations Center is going to make the planning process quicker and smoother for your farming operation.
We will outline the 4 main topics that are important to the Planning & Prepare stage: Equipment, Land, Products, and Setup files.


During this step, getting your John Deere equipment connected and active to the Operations Center, will be essential for connected supports, such as Expert Alerts and Remote Updates. For the equipment and implements not capable of JDLink™ connectivity, they can be added manually.
Ensuring your machine and implement offsets are correct in the Operations Center is crucial for performance accuracy. Examples of offsets are drill width or header width. 



The next step once your equipment is connected and active, is to locate the fields you will be working for the year.
Each field will need to be given a specific label or name. Setting this up ahead of time will prevent multiple names being entered for the same field, preventing operator confusion, and keeping fields accurate. 
Now you will want to create the boundary for each of your fields. This is necessary for when prescriptions and work plans are being created for each field.
We will dig deeper into the importance of creating these field boundaries coming up in the Work Planner step.


Enter your list of seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and crops for harvest. This will reduce the amount of documentation errors from machine to machine, and year to year. 


Ensuring accurate and consistent information is essential every time your machine begins a task. Farmers can create a Setup File with the above information that can be imported directly to the equipment display, which results in less time setting up, and more time getting the task done.
Creating a Setup File must be done in a web browser, and is recommended to do on a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.



Work Planner

Creating a work plan ahead of time for each of your fields, will save you time and improve efficiency when it’s go time.


A Work Plan can be created on a desktop computer or a smart device such as your phone.  Having the Work Plan created before entering the field will decrease the amount of set-up time before starting work in a field.
Choose your products, rates, guidance lines, and equipment to create a Work Plan specific for that field. After the Work Plan is sent to the selected equipment, the pre-planned work will populate in the display when the specified machine enters that boundary.
  • Gen4 Display with 22-1 software
  • Receiver



Equipment Mobile

Equipment Mobile is an app for farmers and producers to find in depth information, specific to their piece of machinery. View manuals, parts catalogues, and set up information. For certain implements, pre-season set up, machine operations, maintenance, and safety information is also available.

Store a list of your equipment within the app for quick access to the information.

You can search AMS equipment such as displays, receivers, and modems for on screen help, as well as specific actions like documentation and settings. 




PCT is an NDVI Satellite Imagery resource which creates imagery of plant growth throughout the growing season. The imagery layers show different densities of the crop which will determine if a chemical, fungicide, etc., should be applied in specific areas.


Farmers can create prescriptions from the NDVI imagery and send it directly to connected John Deere machines and the Operations Center.

This is a tool that is beneficial to have prior to seeding, so you can monitor your fields’ growth from the initial planting and continue tracking until harvest. 



Download the John Deere Operations Center straight to your smart device or utilize the desktop version.



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