StarFire 6000 2630 Display Update: Receiver USB Port

Update Instructions 

Receiver: StarFire 6000  
Display:   Model 2630
Update Method:  Receiver USB Port


  • Insert USB into StarFire 6000 Receiver Port (Underside of Receiver)

  • Key on Machine  
  • Click on Menu Button

  • Click "StarFire 6000"​

  • Click File Folder (A)

  • Click "Update Receiver"

  • Check "SF6000.PRC" and then Click "Update"

  • Wait for Software to load (approx. 5 minutes)


  • Once Receiver Software is Updated, Click Menu.

  • Wait for Receiver to Load.
  • Once Receiver has loaded, Process is Complete.  Machine can be shut down, USB removed and USB Port cap fastened back on.

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