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The John Deere Operations Center makes it simpler than ever to plan your jobs from start to finish.

Easily connect to your machines, operators and fields.  Stay on top of your equipment, your operators and your agronomic data.  Once the information is collected, you or your trusted advisors can quickly and easily analyze it to make better decisions.  Whether you are using an ipad, an iphone or an android, the operation center is at your fingertips.



The NEW Gen 4 CommandCenter with 4600 Display is the newest technology from John Deere.  Redesigned, easy-to-use interface features a shortcut for entering and reviewing information quickly.  When it comes to performance, the 4640 Universal Display provides improved documentation for high-speed planting and nutrient applications, coupled with the latest data syncing functionalities for increased on-board/off-board flexibility.  Additional enhancements include the ability to more accurately map and operate Section Control to precisely apply multiple products simultaneously with individual maps and application points.

Cost of operation also is lower with the 4640 display.  Improved Gen 4 applications such as Autotrac, Section Control, and documentation increase customer profitability by helping users work more efficiently, reduce overlap and skips, and maximize inputs and field operations.  Combined with Gen 4 Section Control, operators can optimize field performance using distance and speed-based turning with the ability to dial in more quickly and accurately desired settings.

John Deere Field Connect has been tested and has proven results in fields of canola, wheat, durum and barley.  The Field Connect includes new environmental sensors that measure air, soil temperature, wind speed, humidity, solar radiation, rainfall and leaf wetness - giving you the information of what's going on both above and below ground.

Utilizing Field Connect, you can proactively establish effective irrgation schedules based on soil moisture graphs rather than assumptions.


              How much water does it take to grow your crop?





John Deere Machine Sync  provides information that allows multiple tractor/grain cart operators to make decisions that save time, fuel and reduce compaction.

  • increases efficiency by showing multiple machines in the field at the same time.
  • allows the combine operator to control the tractor speed and grain cart, reducing spillage 
  • minimize overlapping and ensure that machines harvest wiith full width with coverage map and guidance line sharing

              Precision Ag helps growers manage throughout the entire farming cycle.  
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