2020 Seeding Clinic

Welcome to our 2020 Seeding Clinic

Please Click Here for our Detailed Presentation that you can Print or Download to your hard drive.

   Gen 4 software updates as of March 2020:

  • Can choose “mixed English” display units and set sprayer documentation in litres/acre
  • Data sync moves to basics activation and no longer requires Premium activation for use
  • Touching the center of a smaller mapping module will enlarge to a true full screen map
  •  Brown box emulator is available in 4640 universal displays
  •  Overlap Control now allows an operator to manually turn a section or group of sections off. This feature can be used to improve documentation accuracy when crop is not being harvested in areas of the field which do not cause Overlap Control to turn sections off automatically.
  •  Flag icon sizes have been increased in the display to make them easier to see with 20-1 software update. Proximity alerts can also be set for each flag category.
  • Layout manager is now found by clicking the top bar of any run page, it is no longer found in the menu under applications.

   Autotrac Guidance Update:

  • Can de-select a guidance line without selecting a different one first
  •  Autotrac related tones are suppressed when autotrac is toggled off but master is still on
  •  Guidance tracks will automatically change with field names
  •  Tracks created in A+ Heading or Lat/Long + Heading method can now have the headings adjusted
  •  AutoTrac™ Health page is now available in diagnostics center to monitor tracking performance, conditions, GPS health and resume switch status


   Section Control Update:

  • Diagnostic page has been created to help understand current Section Control command state describing why sections are commanded off
  • Can choose what commands section control – Interior boundary, Exterior boundary, Coverage, or a combination of the three


  • Generation 4 displays can now visualize the Section Control look ahead on the map. This look ahead is calculated based on mechanical delay times for the machine and machine ground speed






  In - Field Data Sharing Update:

  •  An operator joining a work group can now automatically set up their client, farm, and field. Additionally, they can select their crop or product, varieties, and tank mix to match an existing display in the work group.
  • An operator can identify a work group to join based on GPS proximity.
  • Guidance line shifts can be more easily shared. The operator receiving the shift can select a different guidance line and reselect the original line to receive the shift.
  • Operator name of other machines in the workgroup will be displayed on the map while sharing. The operator name is entered in the Work Setup application.

C850 Meter Calibration                     C850 Adjust Tank Pressure              C850 Adjust Blower Speed


C850 Operating the Conveyance Sys      C850 Loading Tanks                C850 Unloading the Rear Tank


C850 Using Hydraulic Trailer Brakes


C850 Section Command Part 1           C850 Section Command Part 2         C850 Section Command Part 3


The John Deere Tow Behind C650 Air Cart - 650bu

  • Fill all four tanks as quickly as 20 minutes (fill time compared to 1910 550TBH based on JD testing)
  • Calibrate rate in half the time



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