Integrated Solutions

Improving every square foot of your farm

South Country Integrated Solutions department pulls your whole farming operation together.  Aligning your machinery with our Ag Management Solutions allows you to make the right decisions in the field.  We work with producers, collecting data and providing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your farming operation. Our new Crop Intelligence App interprets data from your Field Connect and makes calculations so your decision making is successful.

Our services include machine optimization, which means monitoring the productivity of your machines and figuring out how to improve their efficiency.  Proactive diagnostics on service issues and other maintenance items helps to keep the machines healthy, reduces downtime and makes them more efficient and productive.

   John Deere Precision Ag                      South Country Crop Intelligence           
 connects machines,                                Know your Numbers,                   
    people and technology,                        Realize your Potential.                                                                                                   


       GIS & Remote Sensing                      Data Management  Services
   South Country can help                         From seeding to harvest,
 collect, maintain, and                     South Country can save you
    analyze all your digital                              time and stress!
    agricultural data,
iving you an advantage.                                


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