South Country Equipment's

Fall Harvest Customer Clinic

Join us from the comfort of your home to learn all about the best ways to get your machines ready to hit the field this fall.

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Welcome to the 2021 Combine Clinic

Wayne and Tim discuss some things we learned in 2020 and some expectations for the 2021 harvest.

Pre-Harvest Combine readiness and walk-around, S Series combines

Critical components to check before you go to the field and South Country’s suggestions for combine setup.

Sieve and Chaffer Calibration

Is your display showing actual sieve/chaffer position? Probably not. Here’s how to check it and fix it.

Mass Flow Vibration Calibration

Yield Sensor wrong? Do this 5 minute calibration when you change crops.

Moisture Sensor Calibration (S-series combines)

Yield Sensor still wrong? Do this calibration at the start of the season. MY19 and older procedure plus the MY20 and newer procedure.

Hybrid/Standard Mode S700 Combines

How to change modes in the Gen 4 display, MY20 update.

Header Calibrations, S600 Series combine (2630 display)

The header calibrations that should be on your checklist, before you hit the field.

Header Calibrations, S700 Series combine (Gen 4 display)

The header calibrations that should be on your checklist, before you hit the field. Pick-up header won’t calibrate? Wayne shows you where the manual is lying to you. Calibrate the Fore/Aft tilt, both S600/S700 series (sorry, we missed this one for the S600, but it’s the same procedure).

Header Calibration with a MacDon

We show a common fault that prevents a proper MacDon calibration.

South Country Harvest App

Quaylan reviews how to use the popular app that helps you find common settings for each crop. How to use the calculator to measure grain losses for your catch tests.

MacDon Float

Critical seasonal check on your MacDon.

MacDon Balance

Critical seasonal check on your MacDon.

Frequently Asked Questions Fall Clinic

How can I access the content?

Accessing the clinic content is free - at 8am on July 20, all content will be live. We will just ask for a bit of information to have record of those who have accessed the content!

How much does it cost to attend the clinic?

The clinic content is free to access!

I have a question about some of the content. Who should I talk to?

If you have questions about something you saw, please contact your preferred location for more information!

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