The intent this spring for South Country's demo was to showcase the John Deere Blockage System as it has never been
available previously for other makes of drills.

Equipment for demonstration was: John Deere 9570R Tractor, C850 Tank and a Seedmaster 7012TXB Drill

Relative Flow Blockage System view let's you know what's happening from the cart to the opener.

The outer ring on each tower shows relative flow compared to the other towers on that shoot.

The central areas of the tower icon displays overall status of each primary tower based on colour.

The bar below the icon displays performance of the secondary flow based on lowest flow on the tower. The bar status is also based on colours.

As a blockage begins to develop in the primary, the outer ring will decrease indicating a blockage in the airflow to that tower..

As a blockage continues to increase the outer ring will continue to decrease to the point where the primary is fully blocked.  At this point,
the center of the primary icon will trun red, alerting you of the total blockage.