June 5, South Country hosted our first Schulte Mower Clinic in Mossbank    

Surrounding reps from local R.M.'s came to listen to the Schulte Representatives on maintenance and optimization tips of Schulte Mowers as well as features and benefits.


Schulte Mower Maintenance: (Recommended in Spring)

1. Take apart slip clutches - inspect and clean - total of 3 clutches

2. Replace oil in gear boxes

3. Check all shafts on gearboxes for endplay (should have no endplay)

4. Check for oil leaks (cylinder, gear boxes, hydraulic hoses)

5. Remove and replace all power shafts (wings and CV Shaft) pull apart and clean the male to female tubes and make sure they telescope  properly (freely)

6. Check CV Shaft body for excessive wear.

7. Check all U-Joints for wear

8. Grease entire machine

9. Check tires (torque, tire pressure, rim, etc.)

10. Check tire spindles for play or turning resistance

11. Check all Pivot Points (pins, bushings) for wear or damage

12. Check light operation if applicable

13. Check pans for cracking, tightness to gearbox shaft or damage

14. Check blade bolts and blades for excessive wear.

15. Check for structural issues or damage (cracking at welds or in sheet metal)

16. Check skid shoes for wear

17. Check mower for level side to side

18. Check mower for level front to back (should be hooked to flex arm or tractor that it will be used on for this as front hitch height effects this).Mower should. be elevated in the front 1 1/2" - 2" hgher than the back.  This setting will help with cut quality and reduce blade              engagement with obstruction.

19. Check machine for loose or missing hardware

20. Run unit and check operation - this includes hook up to tractor.

For Service - contact your local service department at South Country


We'd like to thank the Schulte reps for coming out! Very informative and Useful information!