South Country Equipment believes in the innovation and technology available to our customers from John Deere. We wanted to hear first hand from the farmers that use the technology, to help their operation during the seeding season.

We reached out to Warren Martin with Hazeldean Farms, to hear how he utilizes the technology available to his farm. This is what he had to say:


“The biggest benefit that I have experienced with this technology and the Operations Center is the ability to set up very accurate field boundaries, based on numerous previous years of coverage maps. 

With the valley not all of our fields are square, so we will be coming into a headland at an angle, meaning that we used to be overlapping at the end of the pass an entire width of the drill.  Now with section control, I set up a headland boundary so that section control will shut off the drill as it enters the headland eliminating overlap, but it also allows me to do my headlands last at the end of the field.  If I did the headlands first, even though the sectional control would shut off to eliminate overlap, the drill would still be in the ground disturbing the seedbed of the previously sown pass.


By doing the headland passes last, the drill is always seeding when it's in the ground on the headland, we eliminate overlap and never destroy any seedbed.  This also helps with compaction on the heavy soil fields.  Because the field boundaries are already there, it was a simple jump to progress to auto turn automation and let the tractor do a perfect repeatable turn every time going down the field. 

Now as a spin off of that, if I am operating the drill and somebody is having an issue with the sprayer, I can go on the Operations Center and use the remote display access to see the screen on the sprayer and walk them through setting it up correctly to help them get going again.  Operations Center also allows me to see how much of a field is done and what remains to plan fills.”

To learn more about the Operations Center and the additional technology available to you, talk to a South Country Equipment consultant, or learn more HERE.